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International Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine This week I posted two blog entries about the much needed clean up in tourist destinations of Bodrum and its surroundings. My blog posts must have touched a nerve among the residents and business owners of Bodrum, some supporting and others criticizing my comments. Please note, I added my  answers inline. Mr. Salvatore Genovese Founder, Publisher & CEO International Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine Mr. Genovese, Thank you for informing the local authorities of Bodrum with your deadline  of June 30,  2009 in order to clean up the aquarium region of the town via your blog post. You are quite welcome! Did you have a chance to inform the municipality or the other associations directly about your problem and your threatening style? 1) My blog posts were my notification to all responsible pa... (more)

Sailing the Sea of Samar, Philippines

I traveled to my home village in the province of Samar to celebrate the Fiesta San Juan. I was lucky to fly from Manila to Tacloban, Leyte. The next day I took a private boat with friends and family. The trip takes four hours and goes under the famous San Jacinto bridge into the Sea of Samar. The boat is a normal "banca" boat, but bigger than most of the boats in my village. We are loading the boat in this picture. I was lucky and slept in a hotel the night before we sailed to my village. Six members of my family joined us to eat that night, and then they just slept on the boat. It was OK for them. The next day, we had luggage for a friend of mine and for me, two 50-kilo bags of rice, a 50-kilo block of ice, about 2,000 pesos of food, mineral water, and too many bottles of soda and beer! I had a fight with my family about the soda and beer. Money is very precious ... (more)

Speed Matters, but Dev Speed or App Speed?

In running, speed matters. But how the speed matters is very important, and what type of running is your forte’ should determine what you are involved in. As a teen, I was never a very good sprinter. Just didn’t get up to speed fast enough, and was consistently overcome by more nimble opponents. But growing up on a beach was perfect conditioning for cross country track. Running five miles in beach sand that gave way underfoot and drained your energy much faster than it allowed you to move forward was solid practice for running through the woods mile after mile. And I wasn’t a bad runner – not a world champion to be sure – but I won more often than I lost when the “track” was ten or fifteen miles through the woods. The same is true of mobile apps, though most organizations don’t seem to realize it yet. There are two types of mobile apps – those that are developed fo... (more)

Shifting The Storage Paradigm | Part 3: Object Storage Enables IoT

Previously in this series, I explained the evolution of unstructured data and how storage requirements have changed over the past decade due to changes from above and below: the massive growth in unstructured data, mostly immutable data, requires cost-efficient, easy-to-scale storage architectures without the complexity of file systems. I noted that object storage was designed for this purpose, and that in addition to scalability and efficiency benefits, object storage also provides great benefits when it comes to accessibility as REST and other protocols make it very easy for applications to connect to the storage directly and give users access to their data through all sorts of mobile and web applications. I also explained how information-sensing devices are not exclusive to scientific analytics environments: think of cameras and smart phones but also cheap netw... (more)

Virgin America and Google Launch Day in the Cloud Challenge

Award-Winning Airline and Web Technology Company Host Sky-High Gamer Showdown at 35,000 Feet SAN FRANCISCO, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Virgin America has teamed up with Google to take cloud computing to new heights with the Day in the Cloud Challenge - the first-ever online puzzle challenge that can be played in the air and on the ground. At the time of this release, filed from 35,000 feet from one of Virgin America's WiFi enabled planes, thousands of people flying and on the ground have already gone online to compete in the unique 24-hour challenge. As the first and only airline to offer Gogo(R) In-flight Internet on every flight, Virgin America is offering guests on all of its flights today complimentary WiFi to join in the fun. The all-day gamer challenge showcases how people are increasingly using web-based services like Google Apps to connect and work together "... (more)

OppenheimerFunds Survey: When It Comes to College for Their Kids, Women Drive the Planning Process But Many Take a Back Seat on Finances

NEW YORK, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Women are highly committed to getting their kids to college and drive most households' college preparation - but many are taking a back seat when it comes to college savings, according to the results of a nationwide survey of parents of pre-college age children released today by OppenheimerFunds, Inc. (OFI). Women are even more committed than men to the value of a college degree. Nearly three quarters - 74% of 1,099 women polled said it's very important for their children to obtain a college degree, compared with 66% of 559 men polled. College is viewed as valuable especially for women; 52% of the women surveyed (vs. just 30% of the men) strongly agreed that a college education is particularly important for a woman's ability to achieve financial security. Despite the critical importance of a college degree to the women surv... (more)

Grupo Vidanta Announces Sea Turtle Conservation Event at Riviera Maya

RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Grupo Vidanta, Mexico's leading developer of luxury resorts, golf courses and real estate, today announced its participation in an event designed to aid in the conservation of endangered sea turtle species. The event, sponsored by Grupo Vidanta through the Sea Turtle Conservancy, will take place from June 21st through June 24th, 2012, at Riviera Maya, Mexico. A team from the Sea Turtle Conservancy will arrive at Riviera Maya during this time of year when the mature turtles are laying eggs. A marine biologist from the Conservancy will attach a tracking device to a mature turtle in an effort to track the turtle's movements. The turtle then participates in the Tour de Turtles. Started in 2008, the Tour de Turtles is an educational event designed to follow the migration of 15 different species of sea turtles, over th... (more)

Premier Traveler Cracks the Airline Code

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 10/11/12 -- Booking an airline ticket used to be easy -- no perks (except smoking on board, of course). But now with frequent flyer points, airline statuses, baggage fees, priority security clearance/boarding and sumptuous lounges on offer, how can anyone know how to make the most of it all? At the center of all this confusion are airline alliances, first introduced just 15 years ago. But while cracking their code can be baffling, determining which one is best for you may not even be your choice. Premier Traveler's features editor and award-winning reporter Janet Forman spoke with airline executives to dissect the major alliances (Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld) -- along with the "young bucks" forging their own way -- to outline the pros and cons of these strategic partnerships. Read on to learn how airlines are making the most o... (more)

Holiday Tips for the Host and Guest provides expert advice for those seasonal visits whether at a home or hotel TORONTO, Dec. 10, 2012 /CNW/ - The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry. But what is often overlooked is how stressful the season can be. Many of us travel to celebrate with our family and friends, and it's easy to forget the impact this can have on both parties. So, the experts at® have put together a list of holiday tips to ease that burden and make holiday visits more enjoyable for everyone involved. "We've all heard stories about nightmare guest," says Taylor L. Cole, director public relations and social media, North America at "Visits with family and friends should be enjoyable and these easy to follow tips can help with holiday etiquette. Also remember, if you're the type of person that needs your space and alone time, a nearby hotel is likel... (more)

RetailMeNot Shoppers Trend Report: While Over 8 in 10 U.S. Residents Cite Affordability as Their Top Vacation Priority, a Majority (58%) Could Waste Hundreds of Dollars by Booking Travel a la Carte

AUSTIN, Texas, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- (, the most widely used online coupon site in the United States, today released the Spring Break Travel edition of its Shoppers Trend Report (STR), revealing results from a poll conducted by The Omnibus Company ( that found that a majority (58%) of consumers could be missing out on significant savings by booking spring travel (flight, hotel, car rental) a la carte instead of utilizing customizable package deals. (Logo: "It is interesting to see that affordability is the most important consideration for consumers when selecting a vacation destination, yet when it comes to booking travel arrangements, consumers are leaving hundreds of dollars on the table by not taking advantage of the discounts on vacation ... (more) Launches In New Cities: New York, Miami And Orlando

SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- is launching in three new cities today: New York, Miami and Orlando. Peek is a one-stop shop for travelers to discover and book amazing things to do in a new destination. CEO Ruzwana Bashir is excited to expand the Peek platform. "I'm thrilled to bring to New York, Miami and Orlando – three cities filled with incredible activities," said Bashir. " enables travelers to explore a place in ways they may have never imagined. Our team helps them throughout the booking process to make sure they have the most memorable experiences." Peek's team of travel experts have handpicked the highest quality activities in each city, and curated insider travel tips from tastemakers. They include designer Tory Burch, chef Wolfgang Puck and TV personality Piers Morgan, who have all shared their favorite ways to spend a... (more)